Our staff work tirelessly to make the laws keep their promise, document stories of the women we work with, and or reduce the economic gender gap enhancing the realization of gender equality in Somalia which is a universal value.

Somali Women Voices has 7 key staff in charge of the programs. The staff ensures effective implementation of the programs. They are;

Oversees the running of the organization Overall leader
Programs Officer
In charge of monitoring and evaluation. Does organization documentation
Finance and resource management, Bookkeeping, Supports monitoring and evaluation. Supports organization documentation
Programs Assistant 1
In charge of program implementation. Writes reports
Programs Assistant 2
In charge of program implementation. Writes reports
Legal Advisor
In charge of human rights. Follows up on cases of abuse. Ensures Human rights are integrated into all the programs
Other Staff
Somali Women Voices also has other workers depending on the projects and opportunities.